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Our main line of business is constructing portfolios for our clients that will generate above average returns for our clients over a five to ten year period. We do not focus on the short term movement of equity and debt securities, but rather, their long-term intrinsic value and whether or not we can purchase them at a significant discount to their intrinsic value.

The firm focuses its attention on mid-cap and large-cap corporations trading in both the United States and abroad. All of the firms’ investments are in multi-billion dollar market capitalization companies with millions of shares traded daily and are all level one assets if an equity security and/or level two assets if a debt security. We do not have any holdings that are not valued daily on a major exchange and that do not trade with a lot of liquidity which gives us the ability to sell any security we own quickly, should our clients require their capital.

We own all of the same securities for all of our clients. We normally own between 8-20 securities at any given time. We have found that concentration, focus, discipline, and inactivity with ones capital is the friend of the investor. Whereas Wall Street is constantly focused on generating commissions on trading and hyper activity, we are focused on finding value and allowing the management teams that we entrust capital to, to build wealth for us and compound capital at above average rates of return.

Every Portfolio is constructed with a five year time horizon which allows our investment thesis to play out. Should one have an immediate need for his or her capital in the next 6-9 months, our firm is not the home for their capital.

The firm’s investment committee allocates its investment ideas amongst all of its clients accounts under our managed account platform once investment ideas have been chosen for execution. Allocations are determined based upon the clients assets, his/her available liquidity, cash on hand, and/or future liquidity needs. All client portfolios own all of the same investments.

Over the years, the Cohen family has diversified into other sectors from the cash flows and business returns generated from our money management activities. The company is active on an ongoing basis in the resource field through its wholly owned mining operations, as well as its wholly owned activities in the oil, gas space and real estate.

The company, through its international affiliates which are wholly owned by the Cohen family, performs asset management, wealth management, and private banking services to overseas investors as well, through its operations in Israel, Europe, Hong Kong, and Brazil.