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The company was formed years back, as a vehicle to manage money for the Cohen family. Over time, others have approached us and asked us to manage money for them as well, in light of our stellar returns. Today, the firm and its wholly owned affiliates, manages money both in the United States and abroad for private families, endowments, foundations and institutional investors.

Cohen Capital Management is a multi-disciplinary firm with a deep rooted background in investment and asset management. Our methodology and technique present us with a renowned track record, placing us amongst the top investors on Wall Street.

At Cohen Capital Management we are focused on providing financial services with the highest levels of investor satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Cohen Capital Management believes in investing in businesses. We do not believe in trading pieces of paper, in the flavor of the month, or “hot new issue.” We look for businesses that generate above average returns on equity with little or no debt that have proven operating histories, sustainable competitive advantages, and durable business models, run by honest, able, and shareholder friendly management. We look to buy those businesses at an attractive valuation. We are not interested in making the brokers rich or trading in & out of securities or taking other steps that would remove us from a long term focus and investment partnership with the companies we place capital with.

Fundamental analysis is at the core of what we do. Analyzing corporate cash flows and corporate financial statements is an integral part of our investment philosophy. We dig deeply into corporate cash flows and income statements to determine the sustainability, integrity, and durability of the businesses we evaluate. We are not interested in broker recommendations or sell-side analysts recommendations. We allow corporate financial statements and management actions to drive our investment decisions. We like to invest in businesses that have high economic moats, significant barriers to entry and sustainable competitive advantages that a “fool” can run, because eventually one probably will.

Our firm manages client assets as we would want our own funds to be managed. That means providing safety, security, transparency, and performance with the highest levels of integrity and honesty.

Here are some examples of what makes us different than the rest of the investment community:

No lock ups.
Very low turn-over.

Transparency – Our clients can log-in and see all of our holdings at their chosen custodial twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Performance – We have outperformed the benchmarks by a wide margin through focus, concentration, and patience.

Custodials – Our clients have the ability to choose their custodial who will provide them comfort, safety, and transparency regardless of the sum of money invested. We currently use the strongest and safest banks in the world as our custodials. All assets we manage are held in the clients’ name at the broker or bank of their choosing. We currently use Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan Chase, Barclay’s Bank, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank as our U.S. custodials. All of our clients receive trade confirmations on all of our investments, have their accounts held in their name or their corporations’ name, and receive monthly statements to their current address of record. Unlike hedge funds and private equity firms that lock up capital for years at a time with no access and no liquidity to your own money, we provide immediate liquidity and instant access without any lock up periods whatsoever.

Daniel Cohen – President and CEO (US and Global)
Joe Habbouba – CFO
Gila Cohen – Analyst
Lauri Abadi – Analyst

Daniel Cohen along with his senior management team performs thorough due diligence and extensive research and reviews on all of our prospective investments. The firm utilizes rigid criteria for its investments and focuses on returns on capital on an unlevered basis, balance sheet strength, earnings quality, cash-flow generation, and the durability of the earning stream that the investments produce, as well as management strength and the barriers to entry of the businesses. The firm is skeptical of firms whose growth is tied to serial acquisitions or other accounting chicanery that could mask underlying health issues, or even outright defraud investors, and mislead investors to the actual sustainability and viability of the underlying enterprise.

The company does not chase IPO’s, hot internet stocks, or the current flavor of the month. The firm believes in buying proven operating businesses at good prices and not chasing dreams and hyperbole. The firm has historically invested in proven industrial companies, proven brands, service companies, retailers, banks, insurance companies, processing companies, oil & gas businesses, and real estate firms. The firm has historically not invested extensively in the technology sector. That is not to say that the firm does not believe in technology, because it does, and it is not to say that the company will not invest in technology because it has from time to time. However, when it invests in technology businesses, it has done so with business leaders with a proven business model coupled with a very strong balance sheet, significant barriers to entry, with the securities trading at a very reasonable price.

The firm will not invest in growth at all costs. It will not chase performance and will not follow other institutional investors like Lemmings. It believes in independent minded thinking and rational behavior, coupled with a long term investment horizon.

Cohen Capital Management, along with its wholly owned affiliates, have offices in the United States, Israel, and Hong Kong which allow us to reach a broad set of clients.

Managed accounts provide you with investment professionals who do the work for you by actively managing your money. Their experience and in-depth research can help you meet your goals, while you benefit from the following:

Private ownership of our company lets us focus on the long-term success and stability for our customers. Through all kinds of markets, Cohen Capital has been helping investors pursue their financial goals.
We’ve developed a sophisticated approach to risk management. We'll allocate your money by appropriately diversifying your assets & focusing mainly on long-term rewards.
Keeping you informed: provides easy access to your account and performance information, market and industry insights, and other investment information through a secure website.
Your personal account activity report on our site shows detailed information about the trades made in your account.

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