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Founded by Daniel Cohen in 1992, Cohen Capital Management was developed as a vehicle to invest family capital, but has since grown to include capital from other investors. In an effort to decrease risk a research-intensive approach is employed, based solely on rigorous corporate fundamental analysis in determining which companies are suitable to invest in. These companies vary across a multitude of industries and countries deemed suitable by portfolio management for long term value investing.

The essence of the company is holding diversified shares of companies trading significantly below their intrinsic value. It is after extensive research that this value is determined, and a yearning to own this company is developed. Our managed account structure provides each and every investor access to their respective accounts, to augment the sense of security each investor requires to maintain confidence in their investment manager.

Value investing is the mantra at Cohen Capital Management. It is through this conservative approach that the company achieves success. The firm focuses on returns generated from long term holdings of assets. The strategy developed here has proven itself time and again. The firm believes it is partners with the manager it invests in, with a long term focus on fostering the business and growing the earnings power of the enterprises it invests in. The firm does not believe in short term trading strategies, or other methods that view stock as paper investments to be traded daily with the latest economic report or Dow Jones headline.

Clients’ safety is of paramount concern to fund management, both in the investments we make, and in the banks that we choose as custodial for our clients funds. The safety & security of where our client’s assets are held is of paramount importance to fund management. We use the nation’s strongest custodial and broker dealers to house our clients funds. Current custodial include, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Barclay’s Bank, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and, from time to time, Wells Fargo.

Clients can log in to any of their accounts, held at any of our custodial- broker dealers, any time of the day, twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week. In addition, clients may receive real-time trade confirmation on all investments made in addition to their monthly statements which are sent directly from the custodial bank to their address of record.

Clients have real-time insight into our investment decisions and investment-making process by their ability to view their accounts in real-time, as we are making live portfolio decisions for their accounts daily. Unlike hedge funds or mutual funds, which report a delayed portfolio snapshot at the end of every quarter, significantly after decisions have been made and in many instances where the information is outdated and stale; at Cohen Capital our information is current, timely and informative and allows our clients to truly be a partner with us as we grow their assets and manage their money.

Cohen Capital’s portfolios have significantly outperformed the S & P 500 over time due to 3 primary reasons:

1. Significant diligence on the investments made.
2. A concentrated portfolio where we put our clients’ money behind our best ideas.
3. Extremely low portfolio turnover.
4. Highly tax efficient

Please feel free to inquire within and we’d be glad to share one of our portfolios with you.

Fund Management is extremely tax efficient. Shares are bought and sold very carefully, and only after extensive due diligence. On average our portfolios turnover less than ten percent per annum. That benefits the clients in a myriad of ways.

1. Our clients get the benefit of compounding their money at above average rates of

2. Our clients pay very little taxes per annum on their portfolios as our extremely low

3. When our clients do owe taxes, after extended holding periods, they are taxed at the extremely attractive rate of Federal long term capital gains, which is currently taxed at 20%. Had we traded actively, on a yearly basis – as the majority of hedge and mutual fund managers, the gains on the portfolio would be taxed at 50% since all of the gains would be taxed as ordinary income. Had we traded actively, on a yearly basis – as the majority of hedge and mutual fund managers, the gains on the portfolio would be taxed at 50% since all of the gains would be taxed as ordinary income.

Therefore, not only have our portfolios significantly outperformed over time, but our clients have also had the added benefit of keeping the lion’s share of the gain due to the very low tax rate afforded long term capital gains.